Paragraph on Good Manners- 100 words for class 10

The following paragraph is on good manners. The word limit of the paragraph is about 100 words. The paragraph is important for class 8, class 9 & class 10. I promise you can write a paragraph of your own after reading this.

Paragraph on Good Manners

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Question TypeParagraph
Word Limit100-120
TopicGood Manners
Topic Info Table

Good Manners

A man is known for his manners. Manners mean social behaviour. Good manners refer to polite ways of behaving with other people. A man of good manners is modest, respectful and gentle. His behaviour pleases all. He makes a polite request by using the word ‘please’. When he receives anything he modestly says, ‘Thank you’. He shows respect to his elders. He is equally gentle and helpful to his juniors. He is calm, kind and soft-spoken. A well-mannered man never hurts anyone. He can’t be rude in any situation. He has a sense of decency. Through his good manners, he wins friends. He leads a good life.

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