A paragraph on How Rubber is processed in 100 words for 9 & 10

Sometimes you are asked to write a paragraph on how Rubber is processed. So here is a short paragraph (processing writing) on how rubber is produced. The word limit of the paragraph is about 100 words and is meant for the students of classes 9 and 10. So let’s begin.

Rubber Production Process

Dear learner, first look at the following table. It is about the question type, marks and word limit of the topic of rubber processing. Just check it and continue reading.

Question TypeProcessing Writing
Word Limit100
TopicRubber Production
Topic Info Table

Study the following flow chart and write a paragraph on how rubber is processed

latex from plants collected — chemically mixed — made into slabs — put under a cutter — smoke-house to dry up –packed into bells — sent to shops — shipped for export

Rubber Production

Rubber is a natural polymer. It is produced from the latex of rubber trees. The process of making rubber goes through a number of steps. At first, rubber trees are tapped. Then latex from the rubber plant is collected. Next, the latex is sent to the factories in big containers. After that chemicals are added and the latex turns into rubber slabs. Now, these slabs are put under a cutter. Thin sheets are prepared and these sheets are then sent to the smokehouse to dry up. Later these are packed into bells. Finally, these rubber bells are sent to the shops for selling or shopped for export.

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FAQ on Rubber

1. Where do we get rubber from?

We get rubber from rubber trees.

2. What is the colour of the rubber?

The rubber is milky white in colour.

3. What is rubber?

Rubber is the latex of rubber trees.

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