Write a Report on a Road Accident- 100, 120 and 150 words

Report Writing is a part of English writing skills in the syllabus of class 9 and class 10 (Madhymik). In the exam paper, you are asked to write a report on a road accident. So I include 3 sample reports in 100 and 120 and 150 words in this article.

Report on a Road Accident

Dear learner, the report is a very common question in exams. However, take a quick look at the topic, particularly the question type and marks and continue reading.

Question TypeReport Writing
Word Limit100, 120, 150
TopicA Road Accident
Topic Information Table

Write a Newspaper report on road accidents by using the following points.

Points: Date: 14.12.22 — Place: Malda, at Rathbari More — Incident: a head-on collision between a minibus and an auto-rickshaw — two died on the spot — three auto passengers seriously injured — taken to hospital people blockade the road — police — steps taken

A Horrible Road Accident

-by a Staff Reporter

Malda, December 14: Life started quite smoothly in Malda town. Lots of people were on the road. But the rhythm broke when an accident occurred at Rathbari More all of a sudden. A minibus collided with an auto-rickshaw. Both vehicles were moving at high speed. But the passengers of the bus claimed that the auto-rickshaw was reckless. Two passengers of the auto were dead on the spot. Three others were seriously injured and admitted to a nearby hospital. The angry mob blockade the road for some time. The police came on the spot and normalcy was restored.

Use the following information and write a newspaper report on a road accident

Hints: a school girl run over to death by bus — place: Barasat, Champadali more — date and time: 14 January 8 am — driver fled away — conductor arrested — public burnt down the bus — steps taken: the bleeding girl was taken to the hospital; declared dead — the cause of the accident: competition with another bus — driver lost control

Road Mishap Tolls a SchoolGirl

by a Staff Reporter

Barasat, January 15: Common people, busy with their everyday work, had t witness the death of a schoolgirl in front of their eyes. They seemed helpless when a girl on her way to school, was run over by a speeding bus at about 8 A.M. near Champadali More. The bus was trying to overtake another bus at high speed. All of a sudden it appeared in front of the girl. The driver lost control and ran straight over the girl. The driver of the bus managed to flee but the conductor was caught by the public. Later he was handed over to the local police. The bleeding girl was then carried to the local hospital but declared dead by the doctors. The agitated mob set fire to the bus on the spot. The police were deployed and brought the situation under control.

Write a newspaper report on a road accident within 150 words. Use the following hints.

Hints: date and time — location — the cause of the accident — persons injured — rescue work — blockade by local people — the arrival of the police — normalcy restored

A Terrible Bus Accident

by a Staff Reporter

Howrah, March 10: At least 5 persons were killed and 30 others were injured yesterday when a private bus skidded off the road and overturned. The accident occurred at 8 A.M. near a curve in front of Howrah Fire Brigade station.

A Howrah-bound private bus running at high speed suddenly skidded off the road and overturned crossing a curve in front of the Fire Brigade Station. As a result, five persons were killed on the spot and 30 others were let off after they had been given first-aid. Three persons including a child were hospitalised. One of them is in critical condition and currently is in ICU.

The local people embark on a blockade after the accident. The police resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the angry crowd. The movement of the traffic was disrupted, resulting in a traffic jam for an hour before normalcy was restored.

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FAQ on Report Writing

Time needed: 10 minutes

1. how to write a report writing (format)?

  1. Title

    Think and write a title that describes best the incident. You may use catchy words

  2. Reporters Name

    Write the name of the reporter or mention (by) a Staff Reporter.

  3. Date and Place

    Begin with the date and place of the incident.

  4. Use of Tense

    Describe the incident in Paste Tense or Present Perfect Tense.

  5. Simple Language

    Use simple, easy-to-understand language.

  6. Factuality

    A report should be factual. You should not add any information outside the points.

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