write a dialogue between the mountain and the squirrel

The following imaginary dialogue is between the mountain and squirrel based on the poem Fable in about 100 words. Read the dialogue and understand the conversation pattern. You will be able to compose a dialogue of your own. Let’s begin.

The Mountain and The Squirrel Dialogue

Dear learner, before you start reading the dialogue, have a look at the following table. It will help you to understand the dialogue better.

Question TypeDialogue Writing
Word Limit100
CharactersMountain & Squirrel
AuthorRalph Waldo Emerson
Question Info Table

Question: you have read the poem fable on the basis of that write an imaginary conversation between the mountain and the squirrel.

Dialogue between the Mountain and the Squirrel

Scene: One day the squirrel was passing by the moutan. There they have this searing conversation.

Mountain: Hey, ‘Little Prig’. Where are you going?

Squirrel: Don’t call me Prig. It is disgusting.

Mountain: Haha. Then what should I call you, Little Bun?

Squirrel: Don’t be so arrogant. You should be respectful to others.

Mountain: Why? I am so big. Why should I care about a little squirrel? You are no match for me.

Squirrel: I know you are very big. You can carry forest on your back. But all sorts of things have their unique importance.

Mountain: Is it so?

Squirrel: Yes, a single season doesn’t make a year or a single object doesn’t make the globe. Four different seasons make a year combinedly. Likewise, our planet is made of big as well as small objects.

Mountain: Then Please explain a bit.

Squirrel: Of course. If you want to be small, you can not. You are not even half so spry as me. God put everything in order.

Mountain: Yes. I agree.

Squirrel: You are so big. You can carry a forest on your back and make a pretty squirrel track. But tell me honestly, can you crack a nut like me?

Mountain: Sorry dear Bun. I have learnt my lesson. You have opened my eyes. I’ll never be disrespectful to others.

Squirrel: (smiling) Bye. See you soon.

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