Write a Report on a Tree Plantation Programme organised in your locality.

The following article is a report writing on the tree plantation programme organised in your locality. Read the report at ease and try to write a report of your own. So let’s begin.

Tree Plantation Programme Report Writing

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Tree Plantation Programme In Durgapur

6th June, Durgapur: A mass tree plantation is organised by the people of B Zone of Durgapur on 5th June on the occasion of World Environment Day. People from all over the area enthusiastically participated in the programme. More than ten thousand saplings were planted in the area. The programme was so successful that leaders of many political parties participated in the programme. The forest department of Durgapur zone supplied more than five thousand saplings. The rest of the saplings were bought from local nurseries. The programme was a grand success.

Write a Report in about 150 words on a Tree Plantation Programme organised in your locality by using the following points.

occasion – participation of people – number of saplings planted – people view – any announcement

Tree Plantation Programme in Siliguri

Siliguri, 16th April: On the occasion of the Bengali New Year, the people of Siliguri planted more than 50 thousand saplings in the locality of Siliguri. They created a Guinness world record. More than 5 thousand people participated in this drive. Members of 120 clubs, 15 charitable trusts and 5 NGOs participated in the programme. State Minister of Forest Dr Arun Ghosh participated in this programme. He quoted, ” The weather of Siliguri changed much in 20 years. It was much cooler than that of the present. Climate change and deforestation destroyed the climate of the area.”

The event was a world record. Information about the whole event is sent to the Guinness Committee for certification. The Chief Minister of the state also congratulated the team members for this successful tree plantation drive.

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