Write a Report on a Tree Plantation Programme organised in Your School

The following report writing is on a tree plantation programme organised in your school. There are two sets of reports on this page. Read them carefully and write your own report on tree plantation. So let’s begin.

Tree Plantation Programme Report Writing

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Question TypeReport Writing
TopicTree Plantation in School
Word Limit100 & 150
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write a paragraph in about 100 words on a recent tree plantation drive undertaken by your school. You may use the following points.

date and place of the event– occasion — persons attended the programme — people’s reaction

ABC School Initiated Tree Plantation Programme

Noida, 23rd April: On the occasion of Earth Day ABC School initiated a tree plantation drive yesterday in the surroundings. The students of all classes spontaneously participated in this programme under the guidance of the teachers. A small cultural programme was also organised by the students. A student, Binoy Gupta said, “The earth is getting warmer every year. We must do something to prevent this. So we proposed a tree plantation drive on Earth Day and the school authority has accepted our request.” More than 500 saplings were planted in and around the school. They also donated some saplings to the people who participated in this programme along with them.

Write a Report in about 150 words on a Tree Plantation Programme organised in Your School. You must mention the date and place of the programme. Give a title to your report.

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Tree Plantation Programme in XYZ High School

Patna, 22nd March: On the occasion of International Forest Day on 21st March, XYZ High School of Patna initiated a tree plantation programme in the nearby barren forest land. The programme was backed by the forest department of the state. The students of all classes merrily participated in the programme. The Principal of this school said, “We were astonished to see the spontaneity of the students. They proposed the drive in February. But the problem was that we didn’t have any land for tree plantation. We were searching for land. We have noticed a patch of barren land near our school. The land belongs to the forest department. So we approached the matter to them and they gladly accepted our offer.”

N Pandey, IFS, spoke to the press. He said, ” The school had approached us and we applied and accepted their offer. The land is barren for years. We tried a few times to plant saplings there but in vain. People in that area are not much aware of the importance of trees. We see a ray of hope in their request. So we gladly accept their proposal. We also donated 1000 plants to them.

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